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About Us

Atone Works:
     Make amends or reparation

Rethinking our Business

Atone Works is group of likeminded and highly qualified individuals who saw the need for a different approach to media. With an extensive knowledge base gained from
years in the industry we set about creating a media company that takes pride in tailoring solutions which will empower clients, enabling them to deliver excellent service to clients. We took a long look at our client’s real needs; and the way products and services were structured and decided it was time to rethink. It was in this
pioneering and innovative spirit that Atone Works was formed and we haven’t looked back.

Rethinking our Approach

We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their short and long-term business objectives. No two businesses are alike and they all have different needs.
Our role is to come up with uncomplicated and innovative solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our client’s businesses. In rethinking our approach, we realised that for us to provide the personalised platforms our clients required, Our business developers would have to start playing a more intimate and proactive role in the process. Through commitment, we’ve empowered our staff to work with clients to find
a solution that ensures the client’s needs are met timelessly.

Rethinking our Philosophy

As with so many things in life the key to successful brand exposure is balance. Just as our clients have to balance the protection of their brands, we adopted a balanced approach to ensure their needs are met. In short, it’s about partnering with visionary and ambitious businesses to create sustainable short term and long term solutions that allow clients to grow, because ultimately our success relies on yours.