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AGRI 5 Commodities Workshop

The AGRI 5 Commodities Workshop & Publication is the ideal platform in assisting organizations to facilitate the development of African farmers in order to increase their meaningful participation in the agricultural sector within poultry, livestock, and dairy, crop and piggery commodities. Also to ensure produce takes its secondary form which is agro processing.

The workshops will give private companies and government Departments an opportunity to promote their social programs, form dialogue and sharing of development experience between the company and the African farmers.

Atone Works believes this approach will drive the sector to see more measureable results for black commercial and emerging farmers going forward, so to ensure they understanding on how to sustain and grow their farming ventures.

A unique exhibition, marketing and demonstration opportunity is on offer to all the role players in the sector including agricultural input suppliers, implement manufacturers, agricultural pharmaceutical companies, agricultural commercial vehicle dealers, agricultural development finance institutions, financial service and insurance companies, feed manufacturers and agricultural co-operatives.

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