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SA Law Indaba Expo

The SA Law Expo & Indaba 2016 is South Africa and Africa’s largest legal management conference and expo.

The Expo will give SMME’s, Blue Chip companies and government Departments an opportunity to communicate their social programs, form dialogue and engage legal professionals in order to increase their meaningful participation in the mainstream economy.

Atone Works believes this approach will drive the sector to see more measureable results in regards to transformation and ensure more companies are exposed and receive quality legal representation. This will then translate to an increase in your current clientele and brand awareness. The event aims to thrash out and work on attaining the following objectives.


  • Share information and empower delegates on legal methods to sustain their business ventures
  • Discuss and apply methods to ensure the sector is transformed
  • To showcase the legal programs which the private sector has put in place to assist the youth of South Africa within the sector (internships and bursaries)
  • The creation of new black-owned and black-controlled enterprises in the sector
  • To showcase recent legal-related innovations/technological advances in the law sector and to make legal aid readily available to the communities
  • Providing support, sufficient information and promoting ethics within the communities so to ensure people understand and respect the law of the republic

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