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The Transformation Confx – SA

The Transformation Conference SA will take place in the form of a conference and expo to give the public and private sector exposure and the opportunity to showcase their various transformation programs and their implementation towards achieving economic and social objectives; that are founded on the National Development Plan 2030.

It being held for the second year has proved to be meaningful to its stakeholders and has since grown to date. We believe that transformation requires persistence, social reconciliation and most of all a new discourse, which will create tangible changes that will spark more beneficial conversations and actions within both the private and public realm. Most importantly, we want government and blue chip companies to set the tone and share their plans regarding transformation in our country.

This will ensure that small business, rural communities and urban stakeholders are clear on the vision for change that we have as a country. The conference aims to expose the opportunities available, thus the end result will translate in more job creation through blue chips empowering all SMME’s, to help eradicate poverty and crime through their accountability for transformation proceedings.

Transformation in South Africa has been one of the most important aspects for the country’s development, since 1994. The transformation agenda raised a lot of expectations, ranging from land reform, infrastructure, and a general structural change within political and economic spaces. A number of projects have been launched in order to aid this process and many have been successful, however, many have not.

Although great strides have been achieved through transformation policies such as BBBEE, black female empowerment and reformation for previously disadvantaged groups - it is evident that transformation is a difficult area to track and actively see within the South African social, economic, political, cultural systems.

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